Join us for some fun street hockey action on the court across from the Boys and Girls club of La Habra. If the court is taken, we will move over to the basketball courts at La Habra High School. We'll spend about 20 minutes working on some basic hockey skills, then split up and scrimmage.

You can wear rollerblades or play in your shoes.

 What you should bring:

  • Stick

  • Tennis shoes or Rollerblades

  • White shirt/jersey and dark shirt/jersey (for scrimmage)

  • Soccer shin guards (recommended)

  • Hockey gloves/work gloves (recommended)

  • Street hockey puck or ball for practice (if you have it)

I have extra pucks and street hockey balls for practice. I have a few street hockey sticks to borrow (first come, first serve). Sticks are left handed curve (note: most right handed people should use a left handed curve). If you buy a stick, get one with an ABS composite blade like this one:

DO NOT get a street hockey stick with a plastic blade.

If you have any questions please contact me:

Michael Daehn - Certified Level 3 USA Hockey Coach

See you there.