Michael Daehn is an award-winning digital marketer who drives traffic to your website (SEO) and converts visits into sales (UX).

Michael Daehn works with you to establish a marketing strategy to find your advantage, define your purpose and create a brand image. This foundation makes the tactics of promotion, building relationships and gaining feedback efficient and effective. These steps provide a continuous system of change and improvement that provides the best return on your marketing investment.

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Michael Daehn is an expert at converting your web traffic into customers

Michael Daehn focuses on conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your website. Conversion means different things to different companies. It can be a sale, setting an appointment, starting a free trial, or downloading your content.

Until your visitors engage with you in some way, they are anonymous. Getting traffic is great, but even if you have a million visitors a month, it doesn’t do you any good if they don’t convert.

Ready to convert your website visitors into customers?

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Michael is not only great on the technical side of building marketing campaigns but is a great communicator and teacher who taught me a lot about lead generation. Working with him was a privilege
— Karin Jakovljevic, Head of Marketing, Nimble Software Systems, Inc
Michael was a key part of our executive team that oversaw the launch and branding of our core product. He lead the efforts to improve our analytics, increase our SEO and automate our marketing/lead generation process. He’s a strategic leader with practical hands-on experience.
— Sasha Poljak, CEO, Ximble Software
Michael continues to awe me with his experience, leadership and depth of marketing knowledge.
— Demian Farnworth, Chief Copywriter, Copyblogger Media
Michael has always been ahead of the curve in the world of social media and online marketing. He saw the importance of social media marketing for businesses before it was mainstream.
— Keith Van Gels, Creative Marketing & Social Media Manager, Total Hockey Inc.
The down to earth practical wisdom he shares has been a big help to our company and part of why we have seen sales increases of several million dollars per year .
— Damian Raffele, Director of Wellness Plans, VCA Antech
He understands the lost art of service and is an invaluable member of any team.
— Dan Meyer, CEO, Joyce Meyer Ministries

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