Rent Your CMO by the hour or use a retainer to save money. The more you work with your CMO the more you save.

Pay as you go rates:


Monthly retainer rates:


How does a retainer work?

You pre-pay for a set number of hours of work in the month. The higher the hours, the greater the discount you will receive for pre-paying.

Why use a retainer?

  • Locks in a lower price per hour
  • Allows you to budget exactly how much you will spend for my services
  • Assures that I will be available to you for the allotted amount of time per month

What is billed?

  • Project work - designing websites, logos, etc.
  • Meetings - in person or virtual; missed or canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be billed at scheduled rate
  • Proposals - written documents and proposed strategies
  • Travel - I am available to meet in person, but will charge you for the time it takes to get there
  • Emails - that require more than a paragraph to respond
  • Phone calls - that take more than a minute or occur more than once per day

What is not billed?

  • Emails - that require writing a paragraph or less to respond
  • Phone calls - that take less than a minute once per day

How are the hours determined?

All work is rounded DOWN to the nearest half hour for billing.

What if I don't use all of the hours in the month?

Unused hours in the month will roll over to the next month. You will either use all of your hours until you are finished, or if you choose to continue the amount will be deducted from the next month's fees.

For example if you paid for 20 hours and used 17, then you would be credited for 3 hours toward's the next month's retainer.