November 26: 1 versus 100

Sow your financial seed and look for multiple streams of income. Most people get all of their income from one source, usually an employer. If this income stream dries up you are in big trouble.

Entrepreneurs are on the right track because they are not relying on someone else for income. The problem is that most entrepreneurs put all of their eggs in one basket. They spend all their time and resources on one idea and if it does not work they are hurting. I know this problem first hand.

By investing a little bit in 100 ideas instead of 1 you have a greater chance of a return. Chances are the return may be smaller since you are spreading out your investment. But imagine you are getting 100 little checks each month. They don't have to be big to start adding up.

Where can you plant some small financial seeds? Would you be happy getting 100 small checks a month?