December 15: The Key to Multiplying Your Efforts

The key to multiplying your efforts is empowerment. When you give other people power to accomplish your business goals you are getting a lot more done than you could alone. So why don't more people use this technique? Because empowerment is:

  • Scary- it is unfamiliar and you are giving up some control of how things are done
  • A risk- it may or may not work out
  • Takes discipline- you have to allow people to make mistakes and do things differently than you would otherwise they never grow
  • Requires trust- you have to believe the people you empower are capable of getting the job done
The success of your business depends on your ability to empower others. If you rely solely on your own abilities you are severely limiting yourself.

Where have you seen empowerment work? Think of a time in your life when you were empowered. How did you feel? What was the result?