December 25: Saying Merry Christmas is Good for Business

Most businesses have taken the route of saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, but I wonder if they have done their homework?

It seems to me that no one was ever offended if you said Merry Christmas in the past, even if they were not Christian. On the other hand, since the majority of the market (in the USA) is of a Christian persuasion a good many folks are turned off by the politically correct way businesses are behaving today.

Since setting yourself apart from your competition in a positive way is good for business it makes sense to say Merry Christmas to your customers. Even if you are Jewish you can still wish your Christian customers a happy celebration. The majority of your audience will appreciate it and others are not likely to be offended.

Merry Christmas!

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Why? What would happen if you changed?