February 14: Create a Special Day

It's a popular rumor that holidays like Valentine's Day, Boss's Day and Mother's Day were created by the greeting card companies. How does that make you feel? Manipulated? Grateful? Jealous?

If it's true, it was a pretty smart move. What guy would be dumb enough not to buy at least a card for Valentine's day? Well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

When I was the CMO for Eaglepax emergency preparedness kits, we promoted a preparation day. It was one day a year when you should make sure you have an emergency supply kit ready and waiting to go.

The fire department (or someone similar) did a great job of promoting changing your smoke alarm battery 2 times a year, the same days as daylight savings time.

When you create events like this, eventually they become a public standard.

How could you create a special day for your customers to use or update your product?