March 19: Colors Matter

What do you when you come to a red light? How about when you come to a stop sign? What do these items have in common...they're both red. Green means go, white means purity, black means death. Colors have meaning.

I created my own business card for my training company, DaehnTrain, and went with Blue and Yellow. I picked those because I like the Blues, not because I understand colors. When I had a designer do my card he came back with brown, green and purple. I was not happy. I am too manly for purple, right? I trusted his understanding of color and found that people loved the new logo and card.

People understand and react to colors on an emotional level whether they realize it or not. Make sure you are taking advantage of what colors communicate in your promotions. If you are not, be sure to hook up with a good designer that can help you make powerful choices.

What color are you? What colors best represent your business?