Don't Be Stupid - Use Pros for Your Social Media

If you are smart you will not hand the keys to your company/organization's reputation 
over to inxeperienced people.

I heard this tidbit of advice on the radio today:
"Hire a college kid or intern to do all your social media for you. They're on there anyway and you don't have to pay them much to get the job done."
Oh boy. Who in their right mind would hire an intern or inexperienced person to handle their Public Relations campaign? Today's social media is yesterday's Public Relations. 
Do you really want what the public thinks about you to depend on what some kid off the street thinks is fun to post?
Don't get me wrong, it's fine to hire young people if you spend the time to train them and make sure they are representing you right. But if you think they are qualified because they have a Twitter account, think again.