Ease of Use Trumps Rewards on Location Based Apps

If you read my blog posts you realize I'm intrigued by the various location aware applications that are coming out. Whether you have jumped on the bandwagon not, there is a lot to be learned about consumer behavior by following what is happening with these formats.

A recent study by uTest has found that people are more concerned with ease of use (some would call this user experience) than the badges and rewards they can earn. Seems like convenience is one of the greatest incentives you can offer your users.

So even if you are a brick and mortar location it is important to realize that convenience can be the most important thing you offer. I know I would rather shop at Ace Hardware than Home Depot, and I prefer Target over Wal-Mart. I'm willing to pay a little more for helpful staff and clutter free aisles that let me get in, make my purchase and get out hassle free.

Read the full report on uTest or a summary of the results on Mashable.

How can you make your product, service or website easier to use?