REVIEW: Nixty Helps You Make Online Courses for Free

Some of you know I created my own online university using Moodle a few years ago. Sadly the cost and time to maintain that site was too much for me and it has since been removed.

I came across a new site called Nixty that lets you create and promote your own courses using similar tools to Moodle and other learning management systems (LMS). The cool thing is that Nixty is free. I have created a course for my book Internet Marketing for Newbies that includes a quiz, discussion and a certificate of completion.

Take a look and tell me what you think. If you have a book or some content try creating your own course. It seems like a fairly new site and there are a few bugs, missing links, iffy UI choices, but I hope it sticks around and has time to improve. This is a really cool service and a great opportunity for both educators and learners to benefit.

Are online courses like this useful to you? Will you use this tool for your organization? If you create or take a course, Please let me know in the comments.