HOW TO: Make Work Not Feel Like Work


No matter how much you may love your job, there are always parts of it that are no fun. As my Dad used to say "They call it work for a reason."

But what if you could take those unpleasant parts of the job and make them fun? 

When I pledged my fraternity (Pi Kappa Phi) I had certain jobs I was required to do around the house as an associate member before I was initiated. The week before initiation my class gathered at the house nightly to perform tasks. These are tasks I have never enjoyed like cleaning the bathrooms, painting and removing a large tree from the front yard. 

But guess what - I had fun.

There is something about doing work with your friends that makes the duty seem light. We were laughing, telling jokes and removing a 50 foot tree and it's debris at the same time.

In the fraternity this is what we call Brotherhood. In the military it's called camraderie. In the Church it's called fellowship.

Leaders, you are responsible to build a team that gets along and respects each other and works toward a common purpose. Sprinkle in a good sense of humor and make the work fun.