Ben's Pen

Ben had a pocket full of pens. "Hey, nice pens," I said.

Thanks, you want one?" Ben said.

"Hey, I could use a pen, thanks!" I responded.

And then we had a nice conversation about Ben's new business and marketing. I even told Ben I would mention him on my marketing blog. What is cool about Ben's pens is not the pen- just about everyone buys pens to give away. What was cool was that Ben had a big pocket full of them and it was real conversation starter. It made Ben approachable as my friend Scott would say.

I saw Ben again the other day- he was all out of pens. That is no surprise to me, Ben, none at all!

I'm not even sure this is the right website, but it's the same domain as the email:
Advance Look Building Inspections & Environmental Testing.

Here's what the pen says:
Advance Look Building Inspections
Mark and Ben Muehlstein

Good luck on the new business guys!