PuckFest- St. Louis's favorite Hockey Tournament Returns

My friend Greg and I put together a hockey tournament last Summer called PuckFest. We had a great time and the guys loved it. Unfortunately we lost several hundred dollars. The good news is we are doing it again this weekend (June 23-25th) and have 12 teams. We may even make enough money to pay for our pick up hockey or buy some hockey tape.

What I learned form doing this tournament is that if you are really passionate about something, like hockey, it is easier to do a good job and market it. Greg and I tried to make a tournament that we would like to be a part of and it was a great success. We also have a great group of guys playing in the tournament.

If you are around the St. Louis area this weekend, check out the tournament for free. We're no Hurricanes, but we try hard.

There is a press release that just came out if you want to read more:

Press Release: PuckFest - St Louis' Favorite Hockey Tournament Returns

Remember the immortal words of Badger Bob, "It's a great day for hockey!"