Sports Marketing- Now with no Trans Fat!

Aaron McFarling comments on how to use snappy marketing techniques on less than perfect sports performances at

"Here are a few sports marketing suggestions for those who had a rough weekend.

Duke: The snap was good! (Even if the kick wasn't.)

N.C. State: Our stadium rocks! (With pleas for Chuck Amato's head.)

Florida State: What a comeback! (Against Troy.)

Texas: Great drinking school! (To help you forget.)

Northwestern: 1-0 against Division I-A competition! (But 0-1 against Division I-AA New Hampshire.)

Tony Stewart: Defending Nextel Cup champion! (Until this year's Chase is over.)

Dallas Cowboys: Terrell Owens, baby! (And Drew Bledsoe.)

Brett Favre: Still chuckin' it! (To the other team.)

Andy Roddick: Federer's gonna retire! (In about 10 years.)

Virginia: We won! (Against Wyoming. By one point. In overtime. At home.)"