Ugly Ducklings Get New Clothes

The Anaheim Ducks have a new jersey! Finally after over a decade of wearing a childish logo they have new owners and a new look. But there is a design flaw- the logo is the word Ducks written out across the chest of the jersey. The problem is to fit all of the letters they have to write it smaller (look at all that white space).

If you think about it, jerseys need a round or square proportioned logo to fit on the chest. The Ducks are using a rectangle. The D looks like a webbed duck foot- why not use that as the logo? I guess it gives them an excuse to update or offer a turd jersey later and make some more money.

In any case this jersey is not as bad as arguably the worst jersey ever- the Wild Wing. Who was the 12 year old that created that monstrosity? (Yes this picture of Wild Wing crashing through the ice was actually the 'logo' on the jersey!)

Maybe I am just bitter because the Ducks beat my BLUES last night and they are favored to win the cup. I wouldn't care if the BLUES were wearing burlap if they could finally bring Lord Stanley's chalice to the city. In hockey, and in sports, the best marketing is winning.