Gillette's (con) Fusion

What 12 year olds came up with the ad for the new Gillette Fusion razor? Probably the same geniuses responsible for spending millions to promote it during the Superbowl. Is this ad supposed to appeal to grown men that shave? "A unique idea together with technology creates Fusion," says the ad. Wow, that's compelling copy. And why do you need for 5 blades? Because, al a Spinal Tap, you can have 4 blades and that's great, but this takes it up to the next level. I also don't understand why a vibrating razor is a good thing. Is this for people who like to cut themselves while shaving? Or perhaps it's a counterbalance for people with trembling hands, if you can calibrate it just right. If you still have to know more, check out the Flash movie on their site. If Gillette is able to throw around marketing dollars like this, throw some my way- I cost less than a Superbowl ad.