Watching Your Global Manners

Valerie Roberts shares Global Manners: Hilarious Etiquette Goofs:

" In business, language errors occur very often. For instance, when General Motors was marketing the Nova. In Latin America, Nova literally means, doesn't go. When the Swedish product, the Electrolux vacuum cleaner, came out in the US they advertised that their product, 'sucks', not knowing that the word also had a slang meaning. The Perdue chicken slogan, 'It takes a tough guy to make a tender chicken' came out in Spanish as, 'It takes a macho guy to make a chicken affectionate'. Last but not least, the slogan, 'Come alive with Pepsi' appeared in South East Asia as 'Pepsi brings your ancestors back to life.'"

You are reaching more people than you think through the web. This is another reason why a good logo is so important- it is global. You do not need to translate a logo like you do a company name or slogan. What are you telling your global customers?