Content is King

I've been reading some articles about web design and search engine marketing. A recurring theme is the importance of content, like this excerpt from David Meerman Scott's new book Cashing in on Content:

Even today, when marketers consider “the brand,” they think visually, rather than about Web site content. Yes, the visual aspects of branding are certainly important to Web marketers, but what’s really at stake—in fact what branding’s really about—is a focus on the customer. As each customer builds an emotional response to a company, that emotion becomes the brand-image for that person. Fortunately, some great Web marketers understand that the provision of quality Web content, together with useful layout and reliable customer support, does more to build brand than pretty logos, cool design, and hip color choices.

The way to reach customers is through answering their questions. This happens with good and easy to navigate content. It's also a reason why blogs work so well. Content is king.

Preview of Scott's new book (PDF)