Are You a Micromanager?

There are two types of people in this world, micromanagers and those they micromanage. The only people aware of the situation are those people being micromanaged. It is a suffocating and paralyzing position to be in. Usually you are told that you are trusted with a task so you are given little direction, then you are second guessed for not doing the task as expected.

Are you a micromanager? Can you let go of a task and trust others even if they do it different than you and perhaps even make a mistake? You can not perform every ministry task yourself. Even if you think you can, you shouldn't since you are preventing other people from being part of the process and participating in ministry. Jesus could have personally ministered to every person on the planet, yet he chose to develop the leadership abilities of 12 men and entrusted them with the task. They went on to teach more people following Christ's example and eventually reached the whole world. If you are a micromanager, you are not following Christ's example.