New Book Shows You How to Sell the Gospel without Selling Out

A new book by Michael Daehn called Marketing the Church shows you how to communinicate your church's purpose and passion in a modern context.

Should Your Church Use Marketing? Does marketing belong in the Church at all. There are many people today saying the Church needs to learn how to market itself and use modern marketing techniques, but is this biblical? Is this an example of the secular creeping into the sacred? What should be the response of the Church?Is there a connection between the Church- which sounds spiritual and theological, and Marketing- which sounds business-like and worldly? At first glance it may not seem so, but that is because of the different terminology being used. But look again. Is there a common denominator between these two pursuits? The core vocation of Christians is to share the Gospel (effectively communicate with people), while the sole purpose of marketing is to effectively share a message (effectively communicate with people.)

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Purpose of the book
This book shows you how to use marketing to become more effective at communicating with people. The stakes are high for churches because the product is a message of hope. That message brings people into relationship with God, grows His kingdom, and enables the Christian to be faithful to the great commission.. The payoff is having your heavenly Father say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21)

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