Cheap Pizza

Looking on the website it says "If Your Pizza Box Doesn't Say 'Cecil Whittaker's' You Paid Too Much For Your Pizza! " Is this the best thing they can say about their product? Not really a competitive advantage- nor what most people want to think about when eating.

But wait it gets better- I just tried to order the $2.99 Tuesday night Customer Appreciation Pizza. After calling about 25 times to a busy line I got through. I felt like I won a radio contest. But then I was put on hold. My wife was going to pick it up in half an hour (they take about 6 minutes to make, I know as a former Domino's Pizza driver), but she said it would take 45 minutes- no exceptions. So I decided to spring for the extra delivery fee, but that would take around 90 minutes to deliver. I guess cheap pizza tastes good too when you have to wait an hour past dinner time.

So instead of gaining a new customer (I had not ordered from here before), they just annoyed the Dickens out of me and wasted 2o minutes of my time. And I am still hungry! Where's that #for Domino's?