Hollywood Woos Your Church

Christian Zappone explains how niche companies find new markets for Hollywood studios:

Paul Lauer, president of Motive Marketing, contends the company's goal isn't about marketing movies as much as providing congregations with tools to further their goals. "Our biggest asset is our relationships," said Lauer. His firm, which also markets to non-religious audiences, developed study and resource guides for "Narnia" that targeted church leaders and school teachers -- just as it had created outreach materials for "Passion."

Christians and conservatives have been clamoring for family friendly movies for over a decade. Now Hollywood is responding. There are more PG-13 movies than in the past, (though some of the content is worse than R movies without being as graphic). The information and study packets for family and Christian themed films are great resources that are usually provided for free. So Christians and conservatives have gotten what they wanted, Hollywood has changed.

Why this change of heart? Is it because of the protests, the full page ads against film and TV violence, or has Hollywood been taken over by the converted? Follow the money- it became less profitable to make non family friendly films. Dollars are votes so when people stopped watching those films and voting for them with their dollars, Hollywood changed their approach. Money isn't everything, but in a capitalist society it is a powerful way to send a message and affect change.