Marketing Vs Islam

The Catholic Church is trying to market to inner city youth, those they are missing usually end up converting to Islam according to to the article: City's churches open way for Islam:

"Some religious purists might cringe at the thought that the Catholic Church must learn marketing strategies to survive in inner-city America. Churches are competing with a host of activities on Sundays. The parish school may no longer have the emotional appeal of yesteryear for students not related to parishioners. The question becomes: Why should a parent pay tuition for a child to go to a Catholic school?...the extinction of inner-city Christian education accompanying the suburban exodus sends a message that inner-city souls are less valuable. This opens a beachhead for Islam to gain converts. Inner-city black neighborhoods appear to be prime candidates where Muslims can gain mainstream legitimacy by becoming the religion of native-born Americans."

Spending energy and resources to market to this segment of population sends the message that you care what happens in this community.