Mass for the Masses

The Calvary Christian Center is planning an Easter service for 10,000:

"The media-savvy congregation, which has a TV show called "Possess the Land" that appears Sunday mornings on WRBW Channel 65, has inundated the area with 70,000 pieces of advertising, including fliers and "Alive!" Easter signs appearing like campaign signs on front lawns and street corners.Because Easter brings out people who are not regular churchgoers, Brewster said Calvary wants people to consider their church as an option.

Calvary also does extensive outreach, evangelizing on street corners during special events like Black College Reunion and organizing Easter egg hunts in low-income neighborhoods."

What do you think is the best use of these marketing funds? To focus on church goers to come to this particular church, or to do outreach and connect with the unchurched? The former may be in alignment with the mission of this church, but the latter is in alignment with the Great Comission. I guess this begs the question that Will Good asks: since when is the Gospel a come to us propostion?