Everything You Wanted to Know About Media 2.0

The Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab has a detailed economic explanation of what Media 2.0 is and how it effects your business. Some highlights:

"Don’t use the property rights metaphorAs an excuse for strategyHere’s why:The property rights metaphor:Only I have the right to use/benefit/exchange this piece of land. But what if you let others in……and they build you a house? This is where the property rights metaphor ends up in a Media 2.0 world. This is what the economics of micromedia and peer production imply. The property rights metaphor itself is a block to thinking strategically about Media 2.0 economics."

"The three sources of Media 2.0 value creation…Revelation, Aggregation, and Plasticity…Give rise to fundamentally new kinds of economies:
Distributed economies of scale
Coordination economies
Production economies of scale and scope

which require radically different product strategies:

In order to realize these economies and produce the dominant Media 2.0 strategy……The snowball effect, and realize increasing returns to adoption within the niche…which is a total inversion of the dominant Media 1.0 strategy-the blockbuster effect."

Check out the full article and Powerpoint for a well thought through thesis.