Sports and Bobble Head Bible Heroes

Minor league teams are seeing success with Christian themed games and giveaways such as the Nashville Sound:

"Hugely popular 'faith nights' launched three years ago by the Nashville Sounds minor-league baseball team, treat fans to giveaways such as the biblical bobble-heads, camouflage Bibles, and special pre- and postgame appearances by Christian cartoon VeggieTales characters such as Bob the Tomato."

I was told not to write my fraternity letters on bathroom walls and sidewalks because it was not a good representation of Pi Kappa Phi. I give the same recommendation to clients, sometimes less is more. Just because you can put your logo on a roll of toilet paper, does not mean you should. I have the same feeling about these promotions.

On the other hand, if you are creating something of value that people want, regardless of the Christian connection, then you have done your job of leading the culture. If you are able to give away a promotion that is so cool that anybody would want one, then you are making your message irresistable. Unfortunately the items mentioned in this article sound like copy cat and me too items that make Christian look, once again, second class.