Postmodern Church Conference- Are We Too Relevant?

A conference on the postmodern church was held at Tyndale University. ChristianWeek reports:

"Keynote speakers also included Blue Like Jazz author Donald Miller, who says in many churches, a 'slick PR marketing style sales pitch' has been substituted for the message of Christ. 'We have accepted a free market translation of the Scripture,' said Miller. 'While the Church peddles an offer that will make your life better and fulfil you emotionally and in every other way, Jesus' message was different..."

"...“Now we have gone even further, with some of our churches looking like nightclubs and coffee houses where we go to be entertained by a band or performer.”

The challenge is to be relevant to our culture while communicating the same timeless truths of the Bible. It is not always easy and people are prone to extremes, but what is the alternative? We can't stop trying.