February 9: Think Long Term

There are a lot of short cuts you can take in business, but if you want to be around long term you must focus on what leaves a lasting impression. As a salesman I knew I could make a quick buck here and there by telling customers what they wanted to hear. Instead I focused on helping them make the best decision. Sometimes this meant a lower commission and sometimes no sale at all.

What I may have lost in short term sales, I gained in credibility. I saw customers return to the store and ask me questions because they knew I was honest. When I did recommend a purchase they usually bought it because they knew I had their best interest at heart.

If you are working for the short term dollar, then don't plan on being in business for long. Once you have burned your customers once, they don't come back. By thinking long term and giving up a quick sale on occasion you build trust and a lasting enterprise.

Do you go for the quick sale or the long term relationship?