February 8: Crops Don't Grow Over Night

As a student, and later as a professor, I know that students often cram the night before an exam. I found that if I paid decent attention in class, took notes, looked them over them once a week and reviewed them before the final I did pretty good on the test. When I paid little attention and tried to learn a semester's worth of work in one night I bombed.

You can't force that much information into your brain in one night. The little you do regurgitate on the test is likely to be gone by the time you graduate and may need some of that information.

Farmers understand that they can not plant their seeds the night before and expect a crop in the morning. There needs to be a growing season when the seeds get water, light and time to bloom.

The same is true for business. It takes time to see success. Most businesses fail in the first 2 years. I think this is because most people feel it is taking too long and give up. 2 years was never in their game plan.

If you want to be a business success, it is going to take time.

What are you really good at? How long did it take you to master it? Was it overnight?