The Difference Between Empowerment and Dumping manager worth their salt can tell you that it is important to delegate. The problem is that many managers dump tasks on their subordinates.

In hockey a great passer gives the puck to his teammates in an advantageous position. The players with the most assists know how to place the puck in a spot where their teammates can score.

Poor players hang on to the puck until they get in a bad spot and dump the puck off to their teammates when they get in trouble. NHL rookies learn quick from the veterans not to dump the puck in their own corner in such a way that their teammates get their clock cleaned clearing it out.

Often times managers will dump tasks or projects on their subordinates without proper guidance or resources to accomplish it. The good manager will make sure the outcomes are clear and that the person has the understanding, ability and resources to be successful - that's empowerment.

To understand this it helps to flip the traditional paradigm of a subordinate working for a manager. If the manager perceives their role as working for their employees then they will do what it takes to make their subordinates successful. You can tell a good manager by how successful their employees are.

Good managers know how to truly empower their workers, not just dump problems on them.

How do you manage your employees? Do you dump or empower?