How to Be That Guy- A Rockin' Book by Scott

Scott Ginsberg just released his latest book called How to Be That Guy. Actually, it does not go public until August 1st. But guess what, I'm a PC (privileged character)! Scott sent me an advance copy- it looks sweet, I can't wait to dive in.

Scott of course is an expert in approachability and the world's foremost authority on nametags. That's because he has been wearing a name tag for over 5 years!

Reading Scott is a paradigm shifting event. Be prepared to look at the world, and yourself in a whole new light. His work is especially valuable if you are in marketing or part of any networking experience. Not sure what to do at your next event- hire Scott to speak, or at least read his book for some good tips on how to get people talking.

Thanks for the book Scott- Gotta go read now!

Hey, check out the cool mailing label- Scott thinks of everything!