Behind The Book Cover- The Making of the New Seven Keys To Marketing Genius

Maybe you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but most people do. And if you are creating a marketing book it is doubly important to set the standard. I created the cover of The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius: The Complete Guide To Increasing Your Marketing IQ myself. I had the book written for about 4 years and kept procrastinating over various issues. One of them was the cover. So I designed, and re-designed, and redesigned the cover and created this vision of lovliness to your left.

Not bad for a first go at it. I'm glad I went ahead and published the book and stopped waiting for everything to be perfect, or for one of my designer friends to have the time to work on it for me. My life has changed since I published this book (as opposed to when I had written it and had not published it yet). Many doors have been opened to me and I have received great reactions from people when I pull out a book with my name on it.

I was blessed to have my good friend William Good of Nexdesign Studios design the cover for my follow up book: Marketing The Church: How to Communicate Your Church's Purpose and Passion in a Modern Context. As you can see, this one looks much better and more professional. People are impressed I wrote a book, but now they are doubly impressed because it looks like a real book too.

I recently launched CMP University (an online marketing certification course) and I am using the Seven Keys book as the text. I have also been talking and sharing my first book with more people. The thing is I am a little embarrassed by the cover.

That brings us to this past week. I was able to "kidnap" my buddy Will once again to design this sweet new cover. You can see him at left working on it.

I am very excited about the new cover and am also inspired to add some more content, especially on the use of Internet marketing. Don't worry, I won't procrastinate this time. I am excited to get this stuff written (it's already in my head) so I can publish the book with my new cover. So here it is in all it's pristine glory. Let me know what you think. (Click on the images to enlarge)