Gamershare: Another challenger to Traditional Distribution Channels

Gamershare, another challenger to traditional disribution channels launched today. You can swap your games with other people who either don't like or have played their games already. Is this bad for video game makers? The intuitive response would be yes because people can trade games instead of buying new ones. But the increase in buzz and sharing of information about games (a feature on the site) is likely to boost interest and sales of games overall. You have to buy games to swap to get started, and if you really like a game you may just buy your own unscratched copy. It also opens the door increased sales collateral products and guides. Another benefit is the ability to offer more games that fit niche markets and take advantage of the economic opportunities of the Long Tail.

Like it or not- this is the way things are going in our 2.0 world. Adapt or lose market share.