Is Jesus Your Boyfriend?

Want to reach roughly half the population? Most churches aren't. Check out to learn why and get some resouces on how to make changes, like this free guide they offer. Here's a quote from the newsletter they just sent me:

"Harold and I are going to be praying and brainstorming ideas for how we can "man up" worship in America — starting with PK events. We're praying that God shows us an alternative to "Jesus is my boyfriend music." Please pray with us. "

That makes me laugh, because it's true. I always say I don't like worship music, but when I am sitting at my computer I will get swept away by a hard driving worship song by Mortal, P.O.D., The OC Supertones or Plankeye. So I guess it is not that I don't like worship music, I just don't like the kind they play at church.

How is your Church reaching men? What kind of music do you play?