The Seedy Side of Indy

An article in the Los Angeles Times explains how churches are embracing and using technology. They are pushing the limits beyond PowerPoint with imagination catching pictures and situations:

"An evangelical church in Granger, Ind., put up billboards a few months back showing a rumpled bed, entwined feet and the address . That site linked to an artsy mini-movie with shots of a seedy motel and a man sunk in morning-after regret.

'Is your sex life a bore? A chore? Why does it seem like everyone else is having all the fun?' the text asked. As the movie ended, viewers for the first time saw the logo of Granger Community Church, which was sponsoring five weeks of sermons on sex, lust and porn. The tagline: 'We're not afraid to talk about it.'"

If it can happen in Indy, it will happen in your church. Your congregation has to resopond to this technology and mindset by either capturing it and using it for God's glory, or by building yourself a monestary and hiding. What will it be for your church?