Churches Embrace the Web In Bid to Attract Members

Great article on - Churches Embrace the Web In Bid to Attract Members.

"Churches with an evangelical bent often lead the way when it comes to harnessing technology, though some traditional congregations are also experimenting -- even the Vatican has podcasts. Still, some Christians are concerned about using unmoderated social-networking sites that may contain adult language and racy photos."

If you try to control the message, you don't understand web 2.0 or Christianity 2.0. This communication tool is based on trust and openness, that means risk which most churches are averse to. This guy gets it:

"Churches that overthink the logistics can kill the buzz," said Brian Bailey, Web director for Fellowship Church, which includes four Southern Baptist churches in Greater Dallas. "The churches that are most nervous and thinking most about it are the ones who don't do it," he said. "Blogs don't usually work very well when they're planned."

Do you get it? Does your church? If not, you are better off not getting into the mix. Stick with your overhead projector and hamburger fellowships, at least you are being yourself. So even if you are behind the times at least you are authentic.