Giving Box

One of my peeves at church is the old passing of the plate. It is not very friendly to visitors- regardless of how many times you say "don't feel obligated to give if you are visiting." It is hard not to feel obligated when someone passes you a plate, bucket, or other receptacle.

Taking my Catholic in-laws to service for their yearly Easter visit results in an affirmation in their minds that the Church is a business. My Father-in-Law puts money in the plate like he is paying for fries at the drive through. In his mind it is just how it works and he is not going to go to Church and not pay- especially when the bucket is passed to him.

Mature Christians will give. If they are giving because you passed a plate then they should not be giving anyway. Whatever happened to the old give in secret thing?

Alas, the Quest service at Efree of St. Louis has a giving box available in the back for those who are tithing. People who want to give can, but there is no pressure and no public displays. An answer to my prayers. Way to go guys! (Note: I took this picture with my Palm so it is not the best quality.)