Does Your Website Attract or Repel Potential Visitors?

Tony Morgan gives 10 Easy Ways to Keep Me from Visiting Your Church Because I Visited Your Website

1 Avoid telling me what's going to happen at your church this weekend
2 Put a picture of your building on the main page
3 Use lots of purple and pink and add pictures of flowers
4 Make me click a "skip intro" or "enter site" link
5 Add as many pictures and graphics as you can to the main page
6 Use amateur photography
7 List every single ministry you have at your church
8 Make it as difficult as possible for me to get directions, services times, or find information about what will happen with my kids
9 Put a picture of your pastor with his wife on the main page
10 Try to sell your church rather than telling me how I will benefit from the experience

Some churches are still arguing that marketing is a dirty word while most churches feel pressure to do something. Having a website is not enough without a strategy behind it. The best strategy is to show what a cool loving place you are to meet Jesus and his followers.