PR and the Church

How can Churches reach the press? If your church is living out the Gospel and making a difference in the community, you will simply need to share what you are doing with the media. I hear complaints about how the media has a negative view of Christians and portray them harshly, but what are you doing to change that image? Is your church doing good by clothing the homeless, feeding the hungry, and caring for the fatherless and the widows? Let the media know what your church is about. There are plenty of good reporters out there who would love to do a feel-good story.

Imagine the impact your church could have if every time someone opened the newspaper there you are! Imagine people saying, “Oh look what that Marketing Genius Church is doing today. Do they ever stop doing good?”

In a way the Bible is a PR piece. It is not paid advertising, and the people who wrote were recording the facts like it was news. In fact the word Gospel means Good News. So the next time your church does a service project, make sure to share the Good News with your community.

You can post press releases for free on sites like PRZoom. Give it a try.