What are Churches Marketing?

In traditional business you keep score by how much money you make. Therefore good marketing means more money. How do churches measure their success?

Churches are not looking to make money, they are looking to save souls. Fundraising and communicating the importance of good stewardship are important goals for churches, but if that is all they do they have failed.

Churches exist to save souls by bringing people into a relationship with Jesus. This may seem straightforward, but how does your church measure success? A pastor friend of mine was moved to tears when he visited a neighboring church and they showed a video of dozens of people getting baptized. I asked him how many people had come to Christ through his church the last few years and he said he did not know, but it was not many.

Before a church considers undertaking a marketing campaign they need to know what they are trying to accomplish. What does a building campaign build? A more efficient point of contact with people who need Christ, or more space for the members?

What goals does your church have for producing results that matter? Creating internal programs for members is not what we are called to do. How many people did your church reach for Christ in 2006? How many will you reach this year?