Get Mike a Job and Win Prizes!

That's right, if you get me a job you can win all kinds of wonderful prizes listed here. It can be a freelance project or a full time job, either way you win.

After seeing the same handful of positions posted on every job board I am really fed up with searching online. Since I am looking for an opportunity to help people improve their marketing through the use of the web and social media I started a campaign for myself using these same tools.

If you want to participate, here is the kind of job I am looking for. Here is a list of prizes you can win. If you just want to help the cause, here is a list of ways you can help me out.

Thanks for your help and good luck!

The Job - What kind of job I am looking for

Contest/Prizes - What the rules are and what you can win

Help Mike - Other ways to help, even if you don't have a job for me


*Thanks to Josh Boston for the great logo design

**If you have been following my career you realize that I held this contest last summer and successfully landed a job. After a year with the company a mutual decision was made between myself and my employer to move on to a role that better suits my abilities and passion for marketing and web strategy. While I am grateful for the income, the role was more of a warehouse operations manager and less of a marketing position. If you would like to know more I would be happy to discuss it with you in detail, just give me a call or email me.