HOW TO: Get Traffic to Your Website Part 9 - Organize Your Website

(This is an excerpt from the book Internet Marketing for Newbies - read the whole book for FREE)

If you have ever tried to find a missing document in an unorganized filing cabinet you understand the need for clearly labeling and organizing all your files. Your system also needs to be something that others can understand easily so they can find the information they are looking for. This will help the humans viewing your site and the search engines that are crawling through all of your files and indexing them.
On your website make sure the following information is labeled clearly:
Domain names
Web addresses (URL’s)
Page titles
Tags (categorizing or labeling posts, articles, images, etc.)
Though the algorithm search engines use to give your site results are proprietary, it has been shown that the more links you have and the better organized and labeled your site is the better your search results.
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