Poet Tweets: Turning Your Headlines into Poetry

The above is an example of the delightful kind of poetry you can expect from my new alter Twitter ego @Poet_Tweets.

I share a lot of links on Twitter and Facebook. I'm constantly reading and trying to stay up with the latest tech trends. Since I am doing the research I like to share the best stuff I find with friends and followers. The problem is that a lot of people do this. If you follow many people you are likely to see a stream of links all day long.

There's nothing wrong with sharing links, but I hope to add some value to the story by creating a memorable hook that summarizes the story. This takes me a lot longer than just hitting the send to Twitter button so it also limits the amount of items I am sharing.

My wife has been asking me why I don't write poetry anymore. Honestly I forgot I ever did. Back in college I used to write her poems, but now I'm too busy blogging, writing or working. I decided to try blending the two.

This kind of activity that can be polarizing. I'm sure some will love it, and some will think it is the most annoying tripe ever spewed. That's why I gave Poet Tweets it's own Twitter account. I will be RT ing my initial posts to let people know it exists, but then it will stand or fall on it's own.

If you have a headline you want turned into a poem, please send the link to @Poet_Tweets on Twitter.

Some have asked "why are you doing this?" The answer is "it's fun."

Do you write poetry? What kind of experiments have you done with marketing or social media? How did it turn out?