Three Ways Blues Fans Can Help the Team this Season - Interview with Beth Schwartz

I had a chance to meet the Senior Director of Digital Media for the Saint Louis Blues Hockey Club, Beth Schwartz, and asked her a few questions about how fans can help support the team.

- As a Blues fan, what can I do to help the team?

Beth- There are lots of ways you can show you support the team, but three ways that make a great impact are to participate, share and to keep it positive.

Michael- Can you give some examples of what you mean?

Beth-  We have created several venues both at the rink and online where fans can participate. Obviously coming to the games is huge, but you can also attend some of the other events we put on. For instance we had a lot of fun at the draft party. Several fans attended and got to meet some of the alumni and broadcasters in person. We will continue to schedule other opportunities to get up close and personal with the fans.

Michael- I heard the draft party was great and you gave away some nice prizes. What do you mean by sharing?

Beth- I know you are big into Social Media Michael so you understand the role it has in sharing and communicating with others. My job is to be a resource for fans like you and help create places where you can share your enthusiasm for the team.

Michael- So you mean like sharing stories and pictures on the Facebook page?

Beth- Yes, on Facebook, Twitter, their own blogs, they are all great.  We love when the fans add their own perspective on the team.

Michael- It's kind of like you are adding several thousand staff members to your marketing department and they are all excited and motivated to seem the team succeed.

Beth- That's one way to look at it. We also realize that the Blues belong to the community so we want to hear what the fans have to say.

Michael- It's brave of you and the team to put themselves out there to engage. Are there ever problems with people being too honest?

Beth- That leads into the third thing which is to keep it positive. We will always be honest and truthful with our fans, but obviously there are times in a season when things don't go the way you want.

Michael- Yes, I wish we could win every game, but that's not realistic.

Beth- Exactly, and it is better for the team, and the fans to stay positive in good times and bad.

Michael- Sure, when the Pee Wee team I coached was losing 6-0 going into the third period I told them to try to win the period. Everybody understands the situation, but you are better off doing something positive about it.

What is the best way to know about what is going on with the Blues?

Beth- Well besides Facebook and Twitter as I mentioned, we have a comprehensive website with just about everything a fan could want. I also recommend signing up for Hotwire, the Blues bi-weekly email newsletter.

Michael- I read every edition of the newsletter. It does keep me up to date on what's happening if I don't know already from Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for sharing with me and the other Blues fans out there.

Beth- It's my pleasure. I'm only one person, so the more fans like you who get involved the better. Please keep sharing your ideas with me and the team. We all want to see the Blues do well.

Michael- Go Blues!

Connect with the Blues:
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