Ximble Branding/Tagline

Ximble (Nimble Software Systems)


Working as the VP of Marketing I designed a branding and tagline campaign for Ximble, a scheduling and time tracking SaaS product.

The challenge was to stand out in a crowded marketplace and competitors all shouting the same message; "Simple time management". Instead of using the same "me too" message, I rethought the real competition.

The true competitor is the systems managers are currently using to manage time clocks and schedules. This could be pen and paper, a spreadsheet or a whiteboard. Ximble is better than all of these methods.

Bottom line, using Ximble makes you a better manager. It helps you to manage better than what you are currently using. Following this thought and the current Ximble logo, I designed the tagline of Manage>Better. 

Beyond a tagline, this sets the tone and message for the product. We then began to develop the copy of the website and content offerings like blog posts and whitepapers to focus on making you a better manager.