Daehn's Hierarchy of Digital Marketing


I am an expert in digital marketing. An important skill for experts is to be able to take a lot of information and boil it down to the essential must know components for success.

We live in an age of information overload. Learning about digital marketing is but a Google search away. What I present here are the four areas that are foundational to a successful digital marketing strategy.

They are chronological and should be built out in order.

1st Website

Your website is your most important digital asset. Everything you do should be built on driving traffic to your website. Your site should be built for conversion and turning visitors into customers. Content is key to creating a well converting website.

2nd Email

Email is the primary form of digital communication. Your website should be built to obtain email addresses so that you can continue to talk and market to your site’s visitors and customers. Automated campaigns, confirmations, onboarding, triggers, reminders, customer service and newsletters are all important components of your email strategy. Email should be used to distribute content from your site, and drive people back to your website for conversion.

3rd Social Media

The best social media builds a community around your product or service. This requires interacting and building relationships. Social media should also be used to distribute content from your site, and drive people back to your website for conversion.

4th Paid Ads

If the first 3 areas are in place and you still have a budget and/or need to generate leads, you are ready for paid ads. Ads should drive traffic to specific areas of your website and/or landing pages that directly relate to the content of the ad.

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Social Media is Like Email - a Metaphor for Understanding

What is social media? That can be a tough question to answer. Lately I have been using the metaphor of email to describe it.

Not all email is the same. Some examples:

  • Messages from friends
  • SPAM/Unsolicited
  • Newsletters
  • Professional 

In each context the tone, subject and your willingness to read and interact depend on the type of email it is.

The same is true for social media:

  • Tweets about lunch
  • Check-in by your friend at the bar you are sitting in
  • Invitations to Farmville
  • @reply from a spammer
  • Killer cat blog post

Social media is a communication tool. As in email, think about your audience and the best way to communicate with them. 

If you are not sure what to do, then sign up and listen for a while. When you feel comfortable start talking. 

Be sincere. Care about your audience. Be passionate about what you are sharing. 

When email started it was hard to explain. Now it is so common that I use it to explain other technologies. One day social media will be as common as email.

But then you will need to explain the purpose of augmented reality toasters. 

HOW TO: Turn Mistakes Into a Positive (Email)

Lulu.comI got this letter from Lulu, my book publisher, the other day. In short is says they made a mistake and my book did not show up in the search results immediately. I had no idea that this happened and Lulu did not need to make me aware of the error, but they did. Not only did they take responsibility, they wrote a very cool, even funny, email with an excellent tone. And they are giving me a 15% coupon to distribute to my readers.

This is the right way to do business. Thank you Lulu.

BTW if you want to use the coupon to buy a book type in BEACHREAD305 at checkout.

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Why You Need to Make it Easy to Unsubscribe from Your Emails

You need to make it easy to unsubscribe from your email list. Here's why:

1. The bigger your list, the more it costs. Only send to people who want it.
2. It pisses people off. This is the opposite of your goal of building relationships with customers.
3. Your message will be marked as SPAM. If too many people mark you as SPAM you won't be able to send email anymore.

Don't do this:

"To be removed from non-essential mailings and announcements like this, log into your CPanel and click on the Profile/Billing tab - under Customer Preferences change the Receive promotional mail setting to no and click save."

Yes, I actually got that in an email the other day. It is much easier for me to click the SPAM button and never have to deal with these knuckleheads again.