Red Robin's QR Codes on POP and Collateral Provides Smart Feedback

This is a great idea. If only I had thought of it 3 years ago.

A lot of places will reward you for taking a survey. Allowing customers to give feedback right away provides:

  • Greater incentive - Get rewarded right away
  • Easier to use - Don't have to login at home
  • Better quality results - customers can remember their experience better in 5 minutes than in 5 hours or 5 days 

QR Codes are everywhere these days. Some people use them well, like Red Robin. Others are out of their minds - QR Codes on TV Commercials. Good marketers use the right tools, the right way for their product.


Scan These People at Social Media Club #SMCSTL

I've been copying and pasting my fingertips off for hours. I thought more people would have wanted a QR Code name tag. I'm glad only a handful took me up on the offer. It was not fun to make all of these suckers.

These folks will proudly wear them to the SMCSTL meetup this week:


Don't make me look like a fool. Give them a scan.

Get a QR Code Nametag for SMCSTL at the Stable

Are you going to the Social Media Club Saint Louis event May 26th? 

If you are and you want a QR Code nametag, send me your information using this form.

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Twitter handle
  • Desired URL for the QR Code (i.e. website, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, etc.)

I will make nametags for the first 25 people that send me their information.

They are self adhesive and will look something like this:

Not sure what QR Codes are, or how to use them for marketing? Check out this post:

How To: Use QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing

Here's the official description from SMCSTL:

"It’s time for another happy hour, Social Media Club of St. Louis style. This month we’re taking it to The Stable in Benton Park, where you can enjoy delicious German lagers that are brewed on site, as well as a variety of craft beers from around the world.

The Stable is a brewpub and micro-distillery located in the Benton Park Neighborhood of St. Louis on the northeast corner of Cherokee and Lemp. The building was where the draft horses for the historic Lemp Brewery were kept, thus the name.

So pony up, and come out to enjoy delicious craft beers and appetizers while experiencing a bit of #STL history with your friends from #SMCSTL.

Be sure to check in on Foursquare at The Stable (@AmalgamatedBrew) and tweet about the event using the #SMCSTL hashtag.

Oh and one more thing... Bacon. Wrapped. Dates.

The event is free to attend but space is limited so RSVP now! Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about future events first!"

Hope to see you there.

CASE STUDY: Scan MD and Win Contest

Scan MD and Win!
Michael Daehn
Created a contest for attendees of the Social Media Club networking event. Anyone who scanned the QR code Michael Daehn was wearing with their phone would be entered in to win an autographed book, and a marketing brainstorming session with Michael. When scanned participants would be able to send out a tweet on Twitter that was automatically created by the QR code. Around 20 people scanned/tweeted and Michael was able to meet dozens of new people in a 2 hour session.
See more case studies in the Portfolio

Winner Announced - Scan Michael Daehn and Win Contest


The winner is:
Danielle Cooley (@DGCooley)
She will receive the Michael Daehn book of her choice, signed by Michael and a coffee meeting to talk about using QR codes and other marketing tools to grow her business.
Didn't win? You can still read the digital versions for free.
Thanks to all the scanners:
Want to know more about QR Codes? Check out How To: Use QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing
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How To: Use QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing

Business cards are better with QR Codes
What is a QR Code?
QR Codes are 3 dimensional scannable images that hold more information than traditional barcodes. QR stands for quick response since you can scan a code and quickly pull up additional information about the item labeled with a code.

QR Codes can be read with barcode scanner applications that are available on most smartphones. Google Goggles, Barcode Scanner and Redlaser are some of the most popular. The real value of a QR Code is that it allows the user to get additional information about the labeled item without having to type anything into their mobile device.

How to Make a QR Code
It's very simple to make a QR code. Go to a website that creates QR Codes and enter the information you want to have translated into a code. There are many free sites that offer this service. I use to make my codes.

Go QRazy and put codes everywhere (Drawing by Jon Bullok)
How to Use QR Codes
If you watch the video above you will see that you can easily create a fee QR Code in less than 60 seconds. Now the fun begins. Put QR codes on any of your point of purchase and/or promotional materials including posters, table toppers, receipts and coasters. You can put your QR Code anywhere you can print it, so be creative.

QR Codes in Times Sqaure
Growth of QR Codes
QR Codes have been popular in Japan for some time, but they are just now hitting the mainstream in the US. Since I have been working on a mobile application that uses QR Codes I have been keeping track of the growth of QR Codes and mobile marketing and bookmarked over 30 articles about their use in the past 6 months. They are showing up everywhere from the local Starbucks to Times Square.

Bonus Tip
QR Codes can be read even if some information is missing. You can take advanatage of this by putting a small logo or image into the QR Code. It's not an exact science, so do some experiementing and make sure your code is readable before you publish.


Bonus Tip #2
Put a QR Code that links to your website, contact info or Twitter feed on your name tag. Not only is it practical, but it's a real conversation starter.


Have you used QR Codes in your marketing? What other ways do you think they can be used? Do you think this is a fad or will it be around for a while?

MPulse Mobile Web Application added to the Portfolio

Entry into the Maritz Mprize competition



This project involved creating a moblie application for entry into the Maritz Mprize competition. I created the initial concept for the project as well as developed the video, Google video ads, logo, colors, marketing plan, social media sites (Twitter and Facebook), QR Codes, and presentation to judges.


MPulse Overview (Artwork by Jon Bullok)

Ad: QR Codes + Mpulse = The Future

Ad: How to Give Feedback from Your Mobile Device
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