A New Look for Your Google Results


Google's New Look

Just a quick word on an updated look for Google's Mobile Search Results. They will soon be adding a logo for your brand next to your name on the page. This is the image that appears in the browser tab - also known as a favicon.


If you need help adding or updating the favicon/logo for your website, I can help.


Read the full details from Google

Let me know if you need help updating your favicon.

How To: Use QR Codes to Boost Your Marketing

Business cards are better with QR Codes
What is a QR Code?
QR Codes are 3 dimensional scannable images that hold more information than traditional barcodes. QR stands for quick response since you can scan a code and quickly pull up additional information about the item labeled with a code.

QR Codes can be read with barcode scanner applications that are available on most smartphones. Google Goggles, Barcode Scanner and Redlaser are some of the most popular. The real value of a QR Code is that it allows the user to get additional information about the labeled item without having to type anything into their mobile device.

How to Make a QR Code
It's very simple to make a QR code. Go to a website that creates QR Codes and enter the information you want to have translated into a code. There are many free sites that offer this service. I use Kaywa.com to make my codes.

Go QRazy and put codes everywhere (Drawing by Jon Bullok)
How to Use QR Codes
If you watch the video above you will see that you can easily create a fee QR Code in less than 60 seconds. Now the fun begins. Put QR codes on any of your point of purchase and/or promotional materials including posters, table toppers, receipts and coasters. You can put your QR Code anywhere you can print it, so be creative.

QR Codes in Times Sqaure
Growth of QR Codes
QR Codes have been popular in Japan for some time, but they are just now hitting the mainstream in the US. Since I have been working on a mobile application that uses QR Codes I have been keeping track of the growth of QR Codes and mobile marketing and bookmarked over 30 articles about their use in the past 6 months. They are showing up everywhere from the local Starbucks to Times Square.

Bonus Tip
QR Codes can be read even if some information is missing. You can take advanatage of this by putting a small logo or image into the QR Code. It's not an exact science, so do some experiementing and make sure your code is readable before you publish.


Bonus Tip #2
Put a QR Code that links to your website, contact info or Twitter feed on your name tag. Not only is it practical, but it's a real conversation starter.


Have you used QR Codes in your marketing? What other ways do you think they can be used? Do you think this is a fad or will it be around for a while?

MPulse Mobile Web Application added to the Portfolio

Entry into the Maritz Mprize competition



This project involved creating a moblie application for entry into the Maritz Mprize competition. I created the initial concept for the project as well as developed the video, Google video ads, logo, colors, marketing plan, social media sites (Twitter and Facebook), QR Codes, and presentation to judges.


MPulse Overview (Artwork by Jon Bullok)

Ad: QR Codes + Mpulse = The Future

Ad: How to Give Feedback from Your Mobile Device
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Maritz MPrize Winners Announced

On Monday my team presented our mobile application, MPulse, to the judges of the MPrize competition at the Maritz headquarters in Fenton, MO. I have to say I thought our product looked good and we looked snazzy wearing our matching QR coded shirts. Unfortunately the judges went with one of our competitors.
I am more than a little disappointed. I have been working with the 5 members of my team on this project for the past 6 months. Thanks to the hard work of my teamates we put together an application that could be used right away in the marketplace. The judges did mention that they liked our product and wanted to incorporate some of our features into the winning product.
Overall it was a good experience and it was fun to see an idea turned into an actual working product. I want to thank my team Silvana, Jon, Eric, Don and Rob for all the hard work they put into MPulse. We learned a ton and I'm sure the knowledge we gained from putting this together will pay off. Take a look at the overview video and a couple of Google commercials I put together for the presentation. 
MPulse Overview (Artwork by Jon Bullok)
Ad: QR Codes + Mpulse = The Future
Ad: How to Give Feedback from Your Mobile Device
Would you use Mpulse or a product like it as a customer? For your business? 

Going for the MPrize in a Mobile App Competition

Good news, my team was chosen from dozens of entrants to move to the next phase of development in the MPrize competition. Maritz created an open competition for teams to submit ideas for a mobile app to be used for their company.

My team developed a mobile tool using QR codes that I think would work very well for Maritz. The team will have the summer to develop the app and a winner will be chosen in August. Wish us luck!